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"Savor the Flavor of Brazil"


Vision Statement 

Here at Miranda Bread, we are committed to serving great quality homestyle Brazilian food with exceptional service to all of our customers. We pride ourselves in providing people with a pleasant and friendly atmosphere where they can enjoy traditional food that reminds them of home and makes them feel as though they are back in Brazil, or as if they are visiting Brazil for the very first time. We aim to connect our customers to a dining experience that is attached to a warm memory of their past and loved ones that they may miss. 

Mission Statement

We intend to become an integral part of every community that we open in. We have grown so much since our first grand opening and would not have been able to do so without the communities that we are a part of. That is why we plan to do everything in our power to give back to those around us. Furthermore, as we are very proud of our Brazilian heritage, we also aim to introduce non-Brazilian residents to Brazilian gastronomy and culture on an intimate, comfortable, and non-intimidating small scale.


Since 2003, we have established ourselves as a local favorite for Brazilian immigrants looking for a place that reminds them of home, Americans that are willing to try something new, coffee lovers, burger enthusiasts, and everyone in between. 

Beginning in Worcester, MA on the growingly popular Shrewsbury Street, Ernando Castro sought to open a modest Brazilian bakery with great quality baked goods, desserts, breakfast sandwiches, burgers, and all of the best things that you could find at a traditional padaria. Miranda Bread is now a booming cafe with four locations and counting, and many associates that have immigrated from Brazil just as our owner had over 30 years ago. As well as providing quality service and products to our customers, one of our primary goals has always been to provide a safe space for Brazilian immigrants. Our Brazilian culture, community, and customers have always been driving factors of our success. We want our guests to have an authentic Brazilian experience, from the joy of their first bite into a x-tudo, to being served by wonderful, hardworking people that feel as though they are a part of something bigger than themselves. 

Today, we have four locations in Stoughton, Marlborough, Framingham, and our flagship store in Worcester. Two locations alone were opened in the last five years along with a manufacturing facility that is currently being built to streamline production and handle the exponentially growing demand of our products, all while improving quality and efficiency. We intend to open a few more locations in the upcoming years with the help of our fabulous GM, Juliana Batista, as well as Ernando’s son and daughter, William & Laura, who have recently entered the family business full time. 

Our success has continually been fueled by our hard working employees, loyal customers, and strong community/family values. We are proud to be able to integrate Brazilian and American cultures on a growing scale and hope to continue to promote this inclusivity throughout our community. We are poised to continue innovating and now offer catering and deliveries through UberEats, GrubHub, & DoorDash. We take great pride in working every day towards improving our guest experiences and the quality of our food. 

Our Team