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Cake Orders!

Encomendo o seu Bolo! 

We do custom cakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, & any other special occasion that you could possibly think of! We offer a wide array of flavors and decorative styles to fit your needs. 

To order, either call into any of our locations or come indirectly. 

Catering Menu Cakes Menu

Choose Your Size: 

- Cake Sizing -

Mini / 7 people
Small / 10-15 people
Large / 15-25 people
Per kilo starting at 5kg / 30 people+ 

Choose Your Icing Flavor: 

- Icing Flavors - 

White Icing
Chocolate Icing

Escolhe O Seu Tamanho: 

- Tamanhos - 

Mini / 7 pessoas
Pequeno / 10-15 pessoas
Grande / 15-25 pessoas
Por quilo a parti de 5kg / 30 pessoas+ 

Escolhe a Sua Cobertura: 

- Cobertura - 

Glacê Branco
Glacê de Chocolate

Lastly, follow our cake menus to choose the flavor and filling that best fits your tastes! 

We will help you choose your decorative style. We offer everything from free-hand icing, naked cakes, KitKat cakes, and edible photo cakes!